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Facts & Figures

2019 Facts and Figures

Visitors by Region
Title of Visitors
South China 71%
East China 1 0%
North China 5%
Overseas 5%
Central China 4%

Hong Kong,Macao
and Taiwan 2%

Northeast China 1%
Northwest China 1%
Southwest China 1%

Beauty Salon/Maternity Hotels/Postpartum Rehabilitation Center/Postpartum Recovery Center 28%

Hospital/Doctor 18%
Maternal and Infant Store/Franchisee 13%
Agents/Distributors/Wholesalers 9%
Manufacturer 9%
Importers/Exporters 7%
Medical Examination Center 4%
E-commerce/Wechat Business 4%
Pharmacy 3%
Others 3%
Shops/Retailers 2%

Renowned Brands

VIP Buyer Groups

Site Review

Buyer categories

Trade visitors
Industry visitors
Confinement clubs, postpartum rehabilitation institutions, maternity hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, 0-3 years old early education institutions, housekeeping service institutions, maternal and child product wholesalers, agents, distributors, maternal and child chain stores, nutrition and health products, maternal and child Supply vendors, etc.
Maternal and child service research associations, women and children associations at all levels, nutrition associations, maternal and child associations and other supervisors, experts, corporate executives, gestation/postpartum nutritionists, psychological counselors, nurses, nurses, infant health instructors, lactation Teacher, designer, etc.
Government & media
General visitors
Staff of government agencies, consulates, experts, scholars and social celebrities, media professionals in the maternal and infant industry, TV stations, self-media, newspapers, etc.
Pregnant women, fashionable hot moms, new parents, internet celebrities, anchors, senior management and individual household purchases.

Conference and special events

Postpartum Repair and Health Management Summit

Through the topic setting, the forum will trigger discussions, advocate and guide the development ideas and strategies of enterprise reserves, and allow all parties in the post-natal repair industry chain to explore technologies and innovations. At the same time, it ignited the industry's attention to the postpartum repair market, interpreted the postnatal repair and health management market prospects, and interpreted the opportunities and directions of upstream and downstream industries for postpartum repair.
Smart Health Communities Forum

The forum was actively attended by many industrial experts from hospitals, health management centers, and elderly care institutions, etc. Topics included the community health care policy interpretation, development of chronic disease management technology, and development trend of smart health communities.
China Probiotics Industry Development International Symposium

This is a global forum for the probiotics research. More than 300 top experts and business representatives from Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong attended the symposium. It is aiming to interpret strains development, functional research of strains and industry development trend.
The 4th China Legal Bird's Nest Market National Policy Presentation

There were more than 200 bird's nest industrial professionals from domestic and overseas to discuss the latest policies and development trends of the legal bird's nest market. Additionally, attendees had a further discussion on how to assure the quality of bird's nest and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.